If your card is authorized, payment will be taken straight away and you’ll receive an email confirmation for your order. If your card is not authorized, your order will not go through. You may need to contact your card issuer.

If you pay via e-cheque through PayPal, please note it could take several days for your payment to reach us. While you would have received an order confirmation, your order may actually be in ‘Payment Review’. If you do not receive tracking details shortly after placing your order, please check your PayPal account to ensure the funds have been processed.

Lala Australia offers you the option to shop either in Australian Dollars or United States Dollars. To switch between the two currencies, simply toggle the currency icon at the top of the page.

If you are shopping on our Australian site, all orders are charged in Australian Dollars (AUD).

If you are shopping on our US site, all orders are charged in United States Dollars (USD).

The bank that has issued your card determines the exact exchange rate that you will be charged, but in general it should match closely with the current global rate.

For an estimate of the current rate, check XE – Foreign Exchange Rate Calculator.

Please note that we do not make any guarantees or promises about the current exchange rate or what you will be charged by your bank. That is out of our control.

As of 1 December 2019, New Zealand enacted a new GST policy wherein international retails shipping to New Zealand must pay 15% tax on parcels entering the country. As a result, when you select New Zealand as your destination country at checkout, 15% will be added to your order total (excluding shipping fees).

Your order may be subject to State Sales Tax. This is calculated at checkout and is based on your delivery address. Some states also apply sales tax to shipping so you may notice the total tax amount adjusts depending on which shipping method you select.

Payments and e-cheques made through PayPal may be subject to delays caused by the processing times between your bank or financial institution and PayPal.

In accordance with the recommendations issued by PayPal, we don’t ship out orders until we have received confirmation from PayPal that the payment has been cleared.

Orders where payments are delayed or not cleared (e-cheques) will be placed on hold until payment has been received by Lala Australia.