Yes. You can but as soon as possible before we ship it out.

Orders cannot be canceled once they have been shipped. However, you can return item(s) after receiving them (buyer is responsible for shipping fee).

Yes. Please contact our Help Center as soon as possible to exchange before shipped out.

If your item(s) already are shipped then you can't return. Buyer is responsible for shipping fee and make new order.

If this has happened to your order please email us : lalahat.customercare@gmail.com or quick chat with us on messenger at Help Center.

We’re sorry to hear that. It’s possible the email has gone to your junk folder or maybe we have an incorrect email address for you. If this happens, please contact us straight away so we can verify whether the order has been placed and resend your confirmation.

If an item is missing from your order, please contact our Customer Care team via lalahat.customercare@gmail.com or quick chat  on messenger at Help Center ,with your order number and the name of the missing item. We will resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

There are some issues that might happen to your parcel in the following ways:

1. Wrong address: you might fill in the wrong address in your order information or the Shipping company sent the wrong address.

- if you filled the wrong address in your order information, your parcel will not reach its correct destination.

- Shipping service filled in the wrong address: check your tracking no. to see which shipping company shipped your parcel, contact them and ask for Lost parcel.

2. Someone stole your parcel if you were not home.

- Greedy people or your dishonest neighbor might steal the parcel, check your camera ( if you have one).

To avoid a lost Parcel, you should use available address so that there is someone always at home or your office.

Please note: Lala Australia is not responsible for any loss of orders or delivery errors made by the delivery company in accordance.

Lala Australia takes every measure against credit card fraud. If we suspect or our fraud system flags that a your order may be fraudulent, we will contact you to confirm certain details. If you refuse to respond with the required information, we reserve the right to cancel the order.

If you believe your item is faulty, please contact our Customer Care team via lalahat.customercare@gmail.com straight away with your order number, the item name and a description or photo of the fault. We will sort this out as quickly as possible!

Please note that loose or excess threads and irregular prints are not considered faults as these are often natural results of the manufacturing process. Please read the description of each item carefully before purchasing.

If you see that we’ve reduced the price of an item you recently ordered, unfortunately we cannot refund the difference. Our prices change according to stock and demand from customers as well as occasional promotions. We apologize for any inconvenience.

If you’re experiencing issues with Customs in your country, please contact our Customer Care team via lalahat.customercare@gmail.com so that we can help you receive your order as quickly as possible.

Please note taxes and duties may be charged for international duties. All applicable customs and import duties and fees, taxes and any other charges are the responsibility of the customer, even if you refuse the shipment upon delivery.

Customs authorities require by law that we state the value of your order directly on the package. Customs agents have the right to release or deny release of your package and, in rare cases, they may also delay delivery.